Since early morning I was so excited about my future adventure so I could barely share my breakfast with my beloved parents. Mother has noticed my impatience and Father finally released me from the table.


Of course, all my thoughts now in the harbour and I was running there as thief runs from a nobleman who noticed he missing his bag of coins. Sun was already strong and traders already set their stalls on the streets.


Finally, I run into the first man in the port and almost hit him to the ground. Without getting him understand what’s happened I demanded him to give me directions to my uncle’s flagman Santa Maria del Juncal. His angry face changed once he heard the name of the ship and he’s pointed there to go.

Sailors were busy loading goods onboard. It is good my uncle has a vast experience at sea as if I would think what to bring to this trip I definitely left behind most important things onshore.

Shipload included:

  • Tools and materials for ship repairs (including hammers, anvils, pickaxes, and spades; pulleys, needles, ropes, and twine; large quantities of canvas to repair sails; lumber to repair hull).
  • Cookware, mostly cauldrons, large bowls, and mess bowls
  • Fishing gear included chain hooks, cord, harpoons, and spears, and fishhooks.
  • Lanterns, ampolettas, hourglasses for ship boys to tell the time.
  • Goods for trade with locals once we reach our destination, which included in bracelets, small belts, mirrors, knives, scissors mostly made from brass and copper (rumors were telling indigenous people never seen such materials before). Coloured clothes, red hats, hair combs, and beads were also stocked.

Food supplies we are taking:

  • Salt pork
  • Couple hundreds of barrels of sardines
  • Couple hundreds of bundles of dry cod
  • Thousands of hardtack
  • Hundreds of casks of wine
  • Thousands of pounds of olive oil
  • Thousands of pounds of cheese
  • 5 cows and 5 pigs to slaughter
  • Hundreds of pounds of dried beans, onions, peas, honey, jam, figs, almonds, nuts, raisins, olives.


I could not resist to help our expedition and jumped to help carry the load. Uncle was counting our stuff inside and once he saw me, his face smiled. I think it is a good sign and uncle see my passion towards big sea adventure.


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